Workflow Automation for Distributed Devices

Designed to support devices located outside your main office, RemoteLink delivers files quickly and efficiently. It also helps manage applications and standardize configurations on mission critical remote and mobile systems.

Only Send What’s Changed!

New RemoteLink Byte-Level File Detection and Delivery

Data delivery and device management that’s efficient, secure, and flexible.

Ensure data gets where it needs to go​​

Automate your file delivery workflows and ensure your data gets where it needs to go – on time, every time.

Configure & manage hard to reach devices

Efficiently configure and update remote and mobile devices on your schedule – whether you need to support 10 devices or 10,000.

Monitor activities and status on demand

Easily confirm the results of your defined workflows, exploring summary and detailed logs as necessary to troubleshoot and resolve any issues.

Here are some examples of how we help our customers get things done.

The world’s largest off-price retailer

Enabling automation in complex environments

Imagine managing the delivery of key operational data for multiple brands, across thousands of stores, in nearly a dozen countries. Then add the need to update software and application configuration on key in-store systems. RemoteLink offers this customer the flexibility and scale to accomplish the busy workload, while providing detailed visibility and tracking of each task.

Top tier US variety store chain

Ensuring timely delivery of critical data at scale

Automating the delivery of critical sales data across more than 15,000 locations is no small task. Triggered by automated endpoint monitoring, this customer uses RemoteLink to manage both data delivery and system configuration updates across their entire store footprint.

One of the largest grocery chains in the US

Workflow automation for diverse environments

It isn’t easy to find a solution that can help manage complex workflows across multiple endpoint platforms. Add dozens of different chains into the mix and things get even more complicated. RemoteLink script automation, client attributes, and flexible scheduling help ensure data gets where it needs to go in this diverse environment.

Improve your operations with RemoteLink training

Take control of your distributed systems in four easy steps.

1. Define

Create a library of tasks that automate activities on or between distributed devices and servers.

2. Target

Group devices and dynamically target them for scripted file delivery and system management updates.

3. Execute

Configure scheduled or ad hoc execution of activities to support defined workflow automation.

4. Review

Centrally monitor session results and performance on-demand via detailed server and client event logs.

We take the work out of complex workflows, making difficult tasks simple and repeatable.

Get more

Free yourself from pesky, repetitive tasks with robust automation and scripting options.


Leverage repeatable workflows to improve consistency and avoid issues that arise from manual activities.

Enhance visibility

Easily see what happened in just a few clicks – troubleshoot and resolve issues with just a few more.

Improve reliability

Smart workflows help ensure predictably dependable results, and who wouldn’t like that.

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