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Professional services are a key part of enabling our customers’ mission critical work. The following is a summary of the different RemoteLink service and support offerings currently available.

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Support for the initial RemoteLink installation and configuration

Getting off on the right foot is a key part of any new technology initiative. Our RemoteLink implementation services are focused on helping customers setup and deploy RemoteLink for the first time. This includes analysis, planning, installation, migration, and training. Implementation service efforts are scoped based on a mutual agreement of the work needed for each new customer.


Help updating to the current RemoteLink version

Customers often perform minor product upgrades independently. However, when updating a major version of RemoteLink or changing server, network and/or database infrastructure, it frequently makes sense to engage in an upgrade project. Our update efforts are designed to provide the support necessary to install the latest version of RemoteLink, taking any environmental changes into account. It is also helpful to ensure new features and capabilities are reviewed to ensure customers maximize their investment. Upgrade service efforts are scoped based on a mutual agreement of the work needed for each customer.

Take a look at our recent announcement of what is new with the latest version of RemoteLink.


Regular help from our expert RemoteLink engineers

Over the lifecycle of any technology, system admins and technical support staff will come and go. Periodically RemoteLink customers may find they need help with day-to-day administration and technical support. Who better than the product provider to help step in and provide administrative and engineering level expertise. RemoteLink system in-sourcing puts experienced technical resources to work where and when needed. Service efforts are scoped based on a mutual agreement of the unique work needed for each customer.


Enabling automation in complex environments

Is your RemoteLink system healthy? Is the supporting infrastructure safe and secure? Are the key jobs running effectively? These and other critical topics are reviewed and assessed as part of a RemoteLink system audit. Whether performed independently or as part of a wider infrastructure review effort (PCI, SOX, etc.), understanding how RemoteLink is used and analyzing how it is operating will help ensure your goals are achieved. The audit is a fixed price engagement that concludes with a summary of observations and corresponding recommendations.


Invest in the people that make things work

Training is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of system operations. It is common to expect system administrators will simply learn how things work as they go. However, a solid understanding of how RemoteLink is designed to function can greatly improve how your system operates. Knowing what RemoteLink can do, and how to leverage it to accomplish your objectives, will help maximize your investment. Training is designed to fit alongside regular work duties. Activities are scheduled over a 10-week period via a mix of interactive and independent working sessions.

Check out our recent announcement for details on our 6-week RemoteLink Administrator training course.

Maintenance &

Technical support recommended for all customers

Product maintenance provides access to fixes and enhancements that occur over time. Each year new features and capabilities are added to RemoteLink. Keeping current helps to ensure system stability and provides new ways to maximize the value of the solution. Product support is focused on resolving issues when RemoteLink is not functioning as designed.


Ad-hoc assistance that goes beyond product support

Product support is focused on resolving issues when RemoteLink is not functioning as designed. But what about other needs or situations that arise? Extended support is designed to provide expert assistance beyond regular product support. Example of this include:

  • Minor version upgrades
  • Client update deployment
  • Script development and troubleshooting
  • Security reconfiguration
  • Encryption changes
  • PCI audits and related remediation
  • Custom queries and reports

Extended support is offered on demand using prepaid time, purchased in four-hour blocks. As needed, extended support customers simply open a ticket and identify the assistance required. Time consumed is tracked against the ticket so each organization can track the balance of support hours that remain.

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