Delta File Delivery

Track and Send Byte-Level Changes

Maintaining large files on distributed systems can be costly in both time and network load. In many cases, only a small fraction of the files change but you have to send whole files over and over again. With RemoteLink’s new delta delivery function, you can ensure files are up to date while greatly reducing the amount of data sent.

Starting with v4.0 R2, RemoteLink’s core, scalable file transfer capabilities offer the option to capture and deliver only the byte-level changes for files. As a result, it is easy and efficient to track and synchronize file changes between your data center or cloud repositories and your remote systems.

Impressive Results

While specific results depend on how data changes over time, we’ve completed real world testing with some impressive results. In one case, the size of daily delivery was reduced by more than 97%. This makes existing, lengthy deliveries more practical and can also enable items to be updated more frequently.

How it Works

RemoteLink’s byte-level file delivery technology can be applied to any file type, making it applicable for a wide number of use cases. You determine how often to capture the delta changes and how many deltas to keep. Once distributed systems receive the whole file once, they will only receive the needed deltas to maintain currency. 

About RemoteLink

RemoteLink is a solution that can solve almost any distributed data delivery and system maintenance task. It helps ensure critical data is moved efficiently and securely. It also includes tools that help manage applications and standardize configuration on distributed devices. RemoteLink is incredibly flexible. Many of our customers consider it the Swiss Army knife for managing their distributed devices.

Our integrated scripting makes it easy for administrators to create functions tailored to their specific needs. These functions can be scheduled or triggered dynamically as needed. As workflows execute, the results are logged for review and auditing. Finally, hooks and triggers are provided for integration with other systems when desired.

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