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Bringing passion and expertise together

We have been delivering distributed workflow automation solutions for more than 25 years. Every day we work hard to provide world-class technology and excellent support.

Leveraging technology that solves real-world problems and challenges.

About Us

RemoteLink is our technology solution. But that’s not who we are. Behind RemoteLink is a group of people dedicated to leveraging technology that solves real-world problems and challenges. Here are some of the key things we care about:

  • Delivering tangible value for our customers
  • Listening and being open to new ideas and approaches
  • Responding in a thoughtful and timely fashion

We work hard to provide world-class customer service and are frequently complemented on both our technology and excellent support.

Our History

Much of what any technology provides today is rooted in the problems it was originally designed to solve. While it is possible to shift key marketing messages, it is much harder to radically transform what a solution does. With that in mind, we’ll begin by defining RemoteLink as a platform for managing distributed systems. That’s a mouthful, right? Let’s take a minute to unpack that moniker.

RemoteLink was designed to help companies cope with certain challenges that arise from needing large numbers of devices outside of primary company offices. Specifically, we wanted to help automate workflows to allow key data to be moved quickly and efficiently. We also wanted to provide tools that help manage applications and standardize configuration on distributed devices.

To accomplish these goals, we created a solution that offers central management and visibility, while providing options for server, interactive, or client workflow execution. We also offer the ability to define and run jobs from the server or endpoints as needed. This scheduling and execution flexibility is truly unique in the market and helps illustrate the value we bring to automation with distributed systems.

Many of our customers think of RemoteLink as the Swiss Army knife of distributed workflow automation. The easy-to-use scripting allows our customers to create functions tailored to their specific requirements. These functions can be scheduled or triggered dynamically as needed. As workflows execute, the results are logged for review and auditing. Finally, hooks and triggers are provided for integration with other systems when desired.The first version of RemoteLink was release in 2014. Since then, we have continued to expand on both the capabilities of the solution and the device types it supports. We are proud of what we have accomplished with our customers. And, as we enter our ninth year, we are just as excited as ever.

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