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Our administrator training is a 6 week online course that will cover basic and intermediate topics. The structure is specifically designed to accommodate your busy schedule and day-to-day activities. Classes will include a mix of lecture, discussion, and hands-on lab application exercises.

The cost for the course is $4,500 USD.

The next class starts September 10th and ends October 17th. Each class runs from 2:00PM to 3:30PM ET (11:00AM to 12:30PM PT).

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To secure your spot in a RemoteLink Administrator training class, please complete and submit this form. We will get back with you to confirm your class registration. We will also provide instructions on how to access the live sessions and lab activities remotely.

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Course Details

RemoteLink administrator training is divided into 8 lessons and 4 labs. Each lesson will be approximately 90 minutes and will use the following format:

Presentation and lecture30 minutes
Interactive demonstration45 minutes
Questions and answers15 minutes

Instructors will be available at the end of each week to review and answer any additional questions that may come up. Think of this like office hours to touch base with one of our knowledgeable trainers. This check-in is an ideal time to work on practical application relating to the topics being covered.

During the course, four sessions will be set aside for structured lab exercises. These activities are designed to help reinforce basic concepts and expose participants to more advanced options in an isolated environment. Each class runs from 2:00PM to 3:30PM ET (11:00AM to 12:30PM PT).

Week 1
Lesson 1System introduction and overview
Tuesday, March 26th
Lesson 2Clients, Groups, and Attributes (part 1)
Thursday, March 28th
Week 2
Lab 1Client installation and configuration
Tuesday, April 2nd
Lesson 3Clients, Groups, and Attributes (part 2)
Thursday, April 4th
Week 3
Lesson 4Jobs and Tasks (part 1)
Tuesday, April 9th
Lab 2Tasks and Jobs
Thursday, April 11th
Week 4
Lesson 5Jobs and Tasks (part 2)
Tuesday, April 16th
Lab 3Client Monitor Jobs and Tasks
Thursday, April 18th
Week 5
Lesson 6Job history and logging
Tuesday, April 23rd
Lesson 7Events and Alerts
Thursday, April 25th
Week 6
Lesson 8Troubleshooting and Utilities
Tuesday, April 30th
Lab 4Issue Troubleshooting
Thursday, May 2nd

Note: Each class session will be recorded for playback later as needed.

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