RemoteLink version 4.0 R1 is now available!

Here are just a few of the new enhancements:

  • A new Client Connection Proxy transport is available to improve communication efficiency in larger environments and where network connections may be regularly unreliable.
  • File transfers from the server to clients can now be optimized by using a client-side file cache. When enabled, files are sent to one client and are subsequently distribution to other local systems as needed.
  • A number of enhancements to file transfers have been added. These include:
    • Anti-tamper prevention (ensuring files have not been edited prior to delivery)
    • Support for uploads greater than 2GB
    • Support for file resume on uploads
    • Ability to stream files directly to network destination (without staging)
  • For a Client running a session, the current Command executing will be displayed under the Attempt in the Client Attempt History; all executed Commands can be seen in the session details, with Commands displayed in descending order (latest on top) while the session is running
  • Package delivery now includes an option to force validation of the MSI or package file and the ability to group MSI packages so Clients only execute the latest version.
  • The following database command queue (DCQ) operations have been added:
    • Request Client Job Run
    • Set Job Criteria Met
    • Set Client Criteria Met
  • A server configuration option to only allow a single Agent per Client has been added
  • The following changes have been made in the Event and Alert component:
    • When an Event change is triggered for a Client, the subject will now be included the Attribute name
    • If a Client raises an Event, the Client name and ID will show in the Event body
    • When an Action is raised, the Action ID and the related Alert ID will now be included in the details
  • In environments where legacy jobs are not enabled, related options and information have been removed from the Admin interface
  • A new C client has been added to provide support for legacy and embedded system devices (please see release notes or reach out for more details).
  • Significant enhancements have been made to the Java client (please see release notes or reach out for more details).
  • All product documentation, starting with this release, has been moved into articles within the RemoteLink support portal (

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