Toshiba TCx™ Sky & FlexOS / 4690

Toshiba’s TCx Sky operating system is optimized for retail environments that require availability and performance. The platform ensures that customer interactions are conducted reliably and securely. The OS is built on a 64-bit commercial-grade Linux 8 base. It enables support for multiple controllers to protect against hardware failures.

RemoteLink proudly supports TCx Sky and older Toshiba FlexOS / 4690 operating systems leveraged extensively by retail customers.

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Would you like to learn more about how RemoteLink can improving how you manage and move critical data to your Toshiba systems? If so, please reach out. We’d appreciate the opportunity to talk with you.

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About RemoteLink

RemoteLink is a solution that can solve almost any distributed data delivery and system maintenance task. It helps ensure critical data is moved efficiently and securely. It also includes tools that help manage applications and standardize configuration on distributed devices. RemoteLink is incredibly flexible. Many of our customers consider it the Swiss Army knife for managing their distributed devices.

Our integrated scripting makes it easy for administrators to create functions tailored to their specific needs. These functions can be scheduled or triggered dynamically as needed. As workflows execute, the results are logged for review and auditing. Finally, hooks and triggers are provided for integration with other systems when desired.

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