RemoteLink version 3.5 R3 is now available!

Here are just a few of the new enhancements:

  • Native file transfers, using RemoteLink HFS, now offer throttling for file uploads from Clients as well as compression of all JSON data, including logs. 
  • A new ‘Migrate’ action is available for Interactive (Legacy) and Client (Legacy) Job types. It provides a method for creating updated Interactive Jobs from existing Jobs. 
  • New Task Script Commands, including ‘Parse Value’, ‘Insert Task’ and ‘Run DCQ’ have been added.
  • Java Clients now support several additional Task Script Commands, including ‘Quota’, ‘Repeat’ and ‘Insert Worklist’.
  • In Upcoming Jobs, a new ‘View Future Runs’ option, which shows the next 10 instances of a scheduled Job, has been added to the dropdown menu at either the list view or item detail level.
  • The ability to download a zip file of service log files is now available from the Service Logs tab in the System section of Logs.
  • Significant enhancements have been made to the Server Installation process.

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