Technical support policy

Technical support for RemoteLink is available to customers with an active Maintenance Agreement. Designated contacts (maximum 2 per company) can open and manage tickets for their organization.

  • Support for non-critical issues is available from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm PST Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. holidays. Tickets can be generated via the following methods:
  • Support for Urgent (Severity 1) issues is available 24/7. A Severity 1 issue is defined as ‘The production system as a whole is non-operational and/or the problem is having a widespread, significant impact on business operations. No acceptable work-around is available.’ The following method should be used for requesting help with a Severity 1 issue:
    • Phone – (855) 858-5880, select 6 to reach the critical support desk – an on-call engineer will answer or return your call as soon as possible

See the attached Maintenance Policy for more details on support guidelines and maintenance benefits.

Unwired Revolution, Inc. (v5.0622)

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