RemoteLink version 4.5 R1 is now available!

Here are just a few of the new enhancements:

  • Easily pull service logs from Servers and/or Clients
    The new Log Request page allows you to retrieve and view service logs from the Management and Communication Servers or from specified Clients.
  • Leverage SFTP when sending or receiving files
    You can now define SFTP endpoints that can then be referenced in Get/Send commands. 
  • Use byte-level file delivery to minimize network load 
    This new capability enables the efficient downloading of large files by only the sending byte-level changes to Clients.
  • Experience HFS performance enhancements
    Rebuilt using .NET Core, the HFS engine offers improved caching for downloads and optimized resumes for uploads.
  • Target Package versions to specific Groups or Clients
    The redesigned Package component provides the ability to group Packages by product, ensure Clients receive the latest assigned version, and more flexible viewing of delivery and installation status.

This is just a snapshot of the new enhancements included in 4.5 R1. See the complete Release Notes to learn more!

Support Reminder

With the release of version 4.5, the six-month grace period will begin for version 3.5. Support for version 3.5 R3 will end November 2024.

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