RemoteLink Administrator training

We are excited to announce our new online training course for RemoteLink administrators. Whether you have been working with RemoteLink for a while now or are just getting started, we know there will be something of value to help improve the function and operation of your implementation.

Our RemoteLink administrator training is a 12 week class that will cover basic and intermediate topics. Through the class system administrators will learn through a mix of knowledge sharing and lab application exercises. Each session will be approximately 90 minutes and will use the following format:

Presentation and lecture30 minutes
Interactive demonstration45 minutes
Questions and answers15 minutes

At the end of each week another session will be held to review and answer any additional questions that may come up. Think of this like office hours to touch base with one of our knowledgeable trainers. This check-in is an ideal time to work on practical application relating to the topics being covered.

During the course, four weeks will be set aside for structured lab exercises. These activities are designed to help reinforce basic concepts and expose participants to more advanced options in an isolated environment. The following is a summary of the course agenda.

Week 1 – System introduction and overview

  • Solution overview and architecture
  • System components 
  • Administrative console navigation and use
  • Automation and extensibility
  • System Requirements

Week 2 – Clients, Groups, and Attributes (part 1)

  • Client installation
  • Client settings and properties
  • Attribute creation
  • Group creation and client assignment
  • Attribute population and use (intro and principles)

Week 3 – LAB: Client installation and configuration

  • Client installation and configuration exercises

Week 4 – Clients, Groups, and Attributes (part 2)

  • Client communications and configuration (RMQ/Proxy)
  • Attribute population and use (advanced)
  • Client provisioning options
  • Common scenarios and best practices

Week 5 – Jobs and Tasks (part 1) 

  • Task overview and general properties
  • Task editing (intro and principles)
  • Job overview and general properties (intro and principles)
  • Server Jobs
  • Job execution (intro and principles)

Week 6 – LAB: Tasks and Jobs

  • Task and Job creation and execution exercises

Week 7 – Jobs and Tasks (part 2) 

  • Task properties and editing (advanced)
  • Job properties and settings (advanced)
  • Monitor Jobs
  • Job execution (advanced)

Week 8 – LAB: Client Monitor Jobs and Tasks

  • Monitor Job creation and execution exercises

Week 9 – Job history and logging

  • Job History overview and contents
  • Session and file transfer log details
  • Global and Job log retention settings
  • Job execution (advanced and mechanics)

Week 10 – Events and Alerts

  • Event and event history overview
  • Actions definition and use
  • Alert definition and use
  • Using Events and Alerts for notification and automation

Week 11 – Troubleshooting and Utilities

  • Management and communication services
  • Service logs
  • Database organization and data structure
  • Support interface and issue management
  • Services offerings
  • Reporting utilities
  • Polling Manager automation

Week 12 – LAB: Issue Troubleshooting

  • Diagnose and address common issues and challenges

This training class starts March 21st. The cost for the course is $4,500 USD. Follow the link below for details on the specific agenda and to sign up.

Need RemoteLink administrator training?

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